Do you have something to celebrate, a special event? Let us do the catering for your event: Grandpa's birthday, your daughter's communion, a meeting with co-workers, a Sunday with the family at home, beginning or end of the season or just want to celebrate that you are in Minorca. Don't stress about preparing food, let it be prepared by our Chefs! Take a look at our dishes we offer or contact us if you prefer something different. 

Endless possibilities

Our Executive Chef is like a great recipe book with dishes from all over the world, so he is not limited to just one style of recipes. From paella to artisanal product tastings from Minorca, a whole buffet or just a well prepared Minorcan Caldereta (Lobster Stew). Tapas for 50 people or a wide sushi variation. You tell us about what you would like to have on your table and we'll give you the possibilities. Allergies, special diet or vegetarian? Don't think in ways of limitations. Contact us and we will talk about the culinary part of your event. 

Cooked with love

All our dishes are prepared with the greatest attention, cooked from scratch in a traditional and healthy way, with the best ingredients if possible from the Balearic Islands and season. Good cuisine is our passion, presented with good taste.

Sustainable Catering

We love our land and its clear blue sea and we want many more generations to enjoy them. We want to do our share, taking care of the environment, using the maximum possible of sustainable materials and packaging.